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UPHA Professional Sections Created - During the 2014 UPHA Annual Business Meeting, members approved the creation of Professional Sections within the Association. The purpose of these Sections is to provide an organizational structure for members of similar professional interests to partner, collaborate, receive professional development opportunities, and provide a network of content experts in UPHA with technical knowledge and information helpful for professional education and advocacy efforts. Sections

The seven UPHA Sections include:

Environmental Health
Health Education & Promotion

Health Administration
Nutrition & Dietetics

Student Assembly

Choose Your Sections - Each year as you renew your membership you will be asked to designate a Primary Section and an optional Secondary Section you want to join.  However, this first year we need to begin organizing Sections during the next few months.  Once we have gathered this information, you will be invited to an organizing meeting of the Sections you choose - to meet others interested in the same public health issues you are and begin the process of selecting Section leadership.

Look for Your Personal Invitation! Please look for and respond to your personalized email and designate your Section or Sections.  A personalized email will be generated and sent to you by the Membership system with specific instructions on how to enter the Membership system, choose the two Sections you want to join and edit your Membership data. Also, if your Membership has expired, this email will also provide instructions on to pay your Membership fees.

We look forward to meeting with you soon to begin creating active and successful Professional Sections within our organization.

UPHA Board of Directors,
Audrey Stephenson, President

The updated UPHA Bylaws can be found at http://www.upha.org/bylaws.html

If you know your UPHA Membership Login information you can:

10/3/14 7:49 AM

Individual $40
Student $20
Retired $20
Life $400


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