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UPHA Now Accepting Applications for 2019 Mini-Grants

UPHA has been working diligently to establish and offer Mini-Grants to communities and individuals for projects that are focused on protecting and improving the health of Utah citizens. UPHA is pleased to announce the availability of three Mini-Grants for public health projects. Each grant award will be for $1,000.

Applications are due by midnight July 26, 2019. Please click HERE to review the instructions, to fill out the required project information and to submit a completed Application to UPHA.

Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Feasibility -- The degree by which the proposed project can be implemented effectively with current resources and capacity.  
  • Impact -- The potential that the proposed project has to create positive change. 
  • Evidence-based -- The proposed project is based on an evidence-based or promising practice, or is contributing to building evidence.

In order to assess these criteria, applicants provide an overview of their project including details such as the target population, partners involved, potential impact, methods for evaluating project success or outcomes, and evidence that their project has potential to impact the target population. Grantees are given six months to a year to complete their project and are required to give an oral or poster presentation on the outcomes of the project at the 2020 annual Utah Public Health Conference.

If you have any questions, please contact UPHA's Fiscal Management Unit Chair, and Member of the Board of Directors, Shaheen Hossain at shossain@utah.gov 


In 2010, UPHA became a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization and subsequently established an Endowment Fund as part of a multi-year resource development effort. UPHA has been receiving donations since early 2011, with 100% Board Member contribution, and plans to support this fund long term with donations from foundations, corporations, businesses, individuals and members, as well as former UPHA leaders and their families. All funds are placed in an investment account determined by the UPHA Board of Directors. Interest derived from this investment is to be used for UPHA projects and Utah community outreach projects approved by the Board.

CONTRIBUTE onlinE HERE or mail YOUR contribution to:

Utah Public Health Association
Endowment Fund
PO Box 9387
Millcreek, UT 84109


  • 75% UPHA Member participation
  • Increase the Fund's Balance each year


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