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Bylaws govern how UPHA operates legally and within federal and state guidelines for a Non-Profit organization. The Sections of the Bylaws include how the Association is structured, with Officers, a Board of Directors, Management Units, etc. The current version includes amendments made through 2014. Changes to the Bylaws require a vote by the Members at the Annual Business Meeting.

See the current Bylaws at: www.upha.org/pdf/Bylaws.pdf


During the 2012 UPHA Annual Business meeting, members passed a resolution directing the Association leadership to explore options and develop an organizational structure to create professional Sections within UPHA.  It further included to start with the formation of six professional Sections to include: Nursing, Health Education, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Administration, and Student Assembly. 

These proposed changes to the Bylaws are the result of the study of incorporating professional Sections into the Association. The purpose of these Sections is to provide UPHA members with similar professional interests to have an opportunity to collaborate and to provide a network of content experts from within UPHA who can provide technical knowledge and information needed for professional education and advocacy efforts.

At the April 2, 2014 Board Meeting, the bylaws changes were presented, reviewed, and adding a seventh Section – Dietitian & Nutrition, for the large number of members who work in WIC and other allied nutrition jobs. The Board approved these and at the 2014 Annual Business Meeting the Members approved the new Bylaws linked to above. These bylaws also allow for a process by UPHA members to organize additional professional or special interests groups. The Board also approved

An organizational chart has been developed to help visualize this change to UPHA's organizational structure from the proposed changes. See an enlarged version of this chart by clicking on the small chart below.



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