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PHACT Campaign - Public Health Action Campaign

This campaign is an opportunity for Utah's Public Health Constituents to communicate directly with our members of Congress while they are at home in our Congressional districts and state to show support for public health. UPHA will be asking our constituents to reach out to our Congressional delegation and express support for increasing critical funding for public health agencies and protecting the Prevention and Public Health Fund.

prioritieS & FACTS


Contact the UPHA Advocacy Group, or Rebecca Fronberg, Chair



Fact Sheets on PrioritiES

Supporting Child Nutrition Reauthorization

Protecting Public Health Funding

Protect Prevention & Public Health Fund

 Public Health Facts in Utah

Funding public health protects our
communities and kids, saves lives, and saves money in Utah

APHA Congressional Targets in Utah

APHA 2014 PHACT Campaign Action Kit

 APHA Public Health ACTion Campaign




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