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Advocacy academy - upha & usophe

February 13, 2019 - Salt Lake City Library, 210 East 400 South

Lunch Provided

9:00 AM - 12:30 PM > Hands on Training
2:00 - 4:00 PM > Educating Legislators

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Get involved!

How you can advocate for public health

Public health protects our communities and kids, saves lives and saves money. We need your support to continue to strengthen our public health system. UPHA encourages its members to advocate for public health. Listed below are ideas on things you can do to advocate for public health.

  1. Monitor the UPHA Bill Watch to see what Utah Legislature actions will impact Public Health, and take action as needed.
  2. Pass out the UPHA Fact Sheets to family, friends, and professional colleagues and at meetings.
  3. Call or email your state and federal congressmen to express support for public health funding.
  4. Post information on your personal social media sites to educate family, friends, and neighbors on the benefits of investing in public health.
  5. Attend Town Hall meetings organized by local, state, and federal politicians. Ask questions and/or share information about public health.
  6. Write letters to the editor about the benefits of public health to submit to your local newspaper.
  7. Facilitate policy, system, and environmental changes that:
    • Promote healthy lifestyle to reduce chronic conditions
    • Keep our air, water, and neighborhoods clean
    • Provide health services in rural areas
    • Protect people from disasters and disease outbreaks
    • Immunize children
    • Screen newborns for health problems
    • Promote on-the-job health and safety
    • Reduce Tobacco Use

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